Working together to prepare for severe weather

Today's Severe Weather Preparedness Week post is about day one of the program the National Weather Service has put together about being prepared for severe weather and understanding the organizations that provide severe weather information and respond when severe weather strikes.

The NWS has put together an excellent document that details what you can do to be ready and the organizations standing by.

Below are a few nuggets of information but be sure to check out the whole thing here

  • You
    •  Must remain weather aware using NOAA All Hazards radio or a source relaying NWS information on TV, radio, or electronic devices
  • The National Weather Service
    • Provides education material on weather hazards and weather safety plans
  • IDHS, State and Local Public Officials and the American Red Cross
    • Plan for, exercise for, and respond to extreme weather events
  • The Media
    • Reports on response and recovery efforts and available assistance